About Us

Space-Age ambient electronica from Turbo Volcano and Omega Ronin producer, Mark Bussler.

Chilled-out, relaxed, etherial, and yet bouncy. That's Seatropica. Spacey ambient music infused with a good dose of electronica and understated industrial vibes.

"Seatropica grew out of my Turbo Volcano project because I really enjoy spacey ambient, but spacey ambient doesn't fit with Turbo Volcano's heavy industrial funk (or whatever Turbo Volcano turned into.)

Therefore, Seatropica quickly became its own thing and I'm thrilled with it. I moved production into the new Turbo Volcano studio and you can hear the bigger, expansive sound in the latest release, Particle Stream. Lots of shimmering bells and swelling pads. It's spacey, deep, and pensive. The new album was a lot of fun to make. I hope you enjoy it."

The band's name came from one of Bussler's art projects from the late 2010s. "Seatropica was an undersea comic strip, but comics weren't selling. I ended up canceling all of my illustration projects, but conveniently found myself left with dozens of URLs and brand names that sounded pretty catchy. Seatropica was one of my favorites, and I think it fits the sound of the music perfectly." - Bussler

The fourth Seatropica album is in development.

Seatropica is published and distributed by CGR Publishing.